Since ages, Indian women are known for their beauty and very long hair. Hours were spent on washing and drying those gorgeous tresses over scented incense sticks. In the recent times, this has become history with the ladies going increasingly for shorter styles. This alarming rate of shearing off a head of beautiful hair is pathetic. Gradually, over time, the lengths have been reduced from below knee to waist length and then to chin length and finally to crew cut, which is a disaster. 

We feel that long hair is an integral part of a woman’s appearance, enhancing her splendor. Studies show Indian men always prefer women with long hair across all strata of the society. This simple fact is evident by the head turnings and hushed discussions caused by a rapunzel passing by, with her flowing hair, even among the other ladies in the vicinity. 

This site has been dedicated to create awareness, to promote the beauty of long lovely hair across all ages among the Indian ladies, in respect to the current scenario. A gallery has been put up, containing photographs of ladies with extremely long hair (knee length) for you to perceive the magnificence, the exquisiteness of long shiny, silky hair. These workingwomen are the modern Indian rapunzels, who prove that long hair can be easily wearable in spite of their busy schedules. Therefore, there is no excuse to rush off to the salon and chop off those tresses at silliest ofreasons, instead a little care can win hearts all around you, especially as it takes years to grow. An ode to the Indian ladies who still like to keep and or plan to have their hair long...

The Editor.