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My experience with Indian Rapunzels
Posted by: longhairrules (IP Logged)
Date: August 02, 2008 07:57AM

Hello all long hair lovers,

I have used the wonderful facility provided by Indian Rapunzels to brush, oil and shampoo their models' hair. The models provide this service via IR for a reasonable price. I have brushed and oiled the hair of Model B, U, P and EA. The experience has been fantastic. I will narrate my experience briefly below.

The first model I experienced was model B. She has jet black hip length hair which is very soft in texture. She allowed me to brush it and oil it to my heart's content without complaining. I loved this session.

The second experience I had was with Model U. She has floor length hair. I was amazed at the length and condition of her hair and brushed and braided it.

My third experience was with Model P. She has the most beautiful hair that I have seen... She allowed my to brush it, braid it and bun it. I could not oil and shampoo it due to lack of time but touching her hair is a feeling that cannot be described but has to be experienced.

Finally the experience that I enjoyed the most was with Model EA or Athenea who has the blog on IndianRapunzels website. She allowed me to brush, oil and shampoo her hair.... This was the first time I was shampooing such long hair and she was very very cooperative as she enjoys her hair being pampered.

I enjoyed all the experiences and I hope to repeat them with again with the same or other models... THANK YOU SO MUCH INDIAN RAPUNZELS AND I RECOMMEND ALL LONG HAIR LOVERS TO NOT MISS THIS WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY

Re: My experience with Indian Rapunzels
Posted by: bbuu_2008 (IP Logged)
Date: August 02, 2008 01:53PM

I owe a lot to Sujit for having me the chance to touch & feel the beautiful silks of Model “B” & “K” on two occasions.

Since I do not stay in Kolkata, it is very difficult for me to avail these facilities but somehow I could made it possible during my short trips in the city.

It was a rainy morning when I had been to the place of Model “B” to feel her hip long silky mane. It was such a wonderful experience that I really long for that since now. She was so accommodating while brushing or handling her hair that still those remembrances excites me as & when I think for her. Although I was very nervous during the first hour as it was my first Brushing session, but after some time I was allowed to Brush, Bun, Braid her hair repeatedly during the entire session without a single objection from her side. It is very disheartening to learn that nowadays she is not available for Brushing sessions.

It was a summer noon when I could sit for a session with Model “K” for the same session. I was simply awestruck seeing such huge bun while she came out in the road to guide me to the location of the designated B/S. The length of her hair is really astonishing as I was unable to believe. It is definitely very difficult to manage such huge length & I was also feeling exhausted at some point of time while handling such a wonderful load of silk. I was unable to braid, comb or bun it properly because of its awesome length.

I will definitely try to enjoy the B/S with other available models of IR while I am in the City of joy & of course Long hair.

Request to both Subimal & Sujit to bring in more Models in the Brushing, Photo & Video sessions, especially those, not yet appeared so far.

Thanx a lot,


Re: My experience with Indian Rapunzels
Posted by: Rapunzellover (IP Logged)
Date: August 02, 2008 03:01PM

wow that's great. you are so lucky. please expalain those experiecnces in details one by one.

At 1st please describe the experince of combing, brading, oiling shampooing athena's or EA's amazing hair.

Re: My experience with Indian Rapunzels
Posted by: Rapunzellover (IP Logged)
Date: August 04, 2008 10:49AM

Great experinces has been shared by bbuu_2008. I also want to hear ur experience in details.
and the first member of this thread named longhairrules has not shared any experience yet. Please share something for us.

Re: My experience with Indian Rapunzels
Posted by: tirtha (IP Logged)
Date: August 08, 2008 08:30AM


For both of you u had a wonder time.Would love to read in details.

Re: My experience with Indian Rapunzels
Posted by: longhairrules (IP Logged)
Date: August 08, 2008 05:43PM

Since people have requested me to describe the experience of handling model EA's hair in detail, I have decided to do it. The best thing about model EA is that she doesnt have any objections or restrictions about anything. We had mirrors in the room on all sides which added to the pleasure of the experience.

First I loosened her hair which was tied in a bun. The thickness and volume of her hair is incredible. I then thoroughly brushed it for several minutes. I enjoy brushing hair vigorously and she never complained about it. Once her hair was thoroughly brushed, I began oiling it. I used a little bit of oil at first, thinking that she may not tolerate heavy oiling. But seeing the fact that she didnt mind it and was actually enjoying it, I used a generous amount of oil and heavily oiled her hair until it was dripping with oil. I held her oiled hair in my hand and began braiding it until it was tied in a tight oily braid. I loosened her hair to play with it again. Then we decided to shampoo it in the bathroom. We had to use several satchets of shampoo to get all the oil of her awesome hair !!! I ran my fingers through her hair for several minutes while shampooing her and she looked very relaxed and comfortable. I then dried her hair and bunned it.... It was definitely the best experience I have had and I thoroughly enjoyed. I RECOMMEND MODEL ATHENEA TO EVERYONE AS SHE IS VERY COMFORTABLE AND PASSIONATE ABOUT HER HAIR.

Re: My experience with Indian Rapunzels
Posted by: kuntaldas (IP Logged)
Date: September 08, 2008 01:42PM

How do you keep your self control? During the session do others also present in the room?

Re: My experience with Indian Rapunzels
Posted by: Avijit (IP Logged)
Date: December 24, 2008 07:19PM

Hi……….. Viewers. This is 1st time I am introducing myself to all long hair lovers.
In the whole world, there are many long hair lovers and many viewers saw me here. For ever loving long hair videos lot of orkut members are my friends but you and they don’t know, who am I? I am Avijit. I am one of the luckiest persons of long thick attractive hair lovers. Because in this site, I mean the famous www.indianrapunzels.com there are a lot of videos where I was involved. In this site there are a lot of models who are very close to me. And their long thick attractive hair is very near to me. I do play with their hair. I do comb their hair. I do hair massage and head massage with my both hand and I feel their hair softness and I do enjoy the moment. I feel their hair with my face. I smell their hair. Yes ………friends...it is true. Because I am the team member of Indianrapunzels. You can watch me with the models – KA, PA, QA, SA and the new model VA and with the some videos coming soon. In model KA, I was in red T-Shirt and I have a silver ring in my hand.
Black & white T-Shirt with model PA. Green T-Shirt with model QA. But
one thing is common and that is my silver ring in my hand. Ok …. Viewers Bye for Today.
I will come to you again. That time I will tell you my experience with them. Keep Watching. Do take very good care of yourself. If you have some idea, some suggestions you can let me know. Thanks

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Re: My experience with Indian Rapunzels
Posted by: rohitmale28 (IP Logged)
Date: June 21, 2009 07:35AM

I would like to avaail sessions with long hair model. Can you please explain me the procedure.

Re: My experience with Indian Rapunzels
Posted by: ashyk123 (IP Logged)
Date: September 09, 2009 06:20AM

even i want an oppurtunity to for an experience with indian rapunzels... what should i do???

Re: My experience with Indian Rapunzels
Posted by: floorlengthhairlover (IP Logged)
Date: January 02, 2010 03:59AM

you are truly a very lucky man, would love to have the same as you


Re: My experience with Indian Rapunzels
Posted by: pintu.kol36 (IP Logged)
Date: March 22, 2010 06:08PM

I have visited many long hair website. But indianrapunzels is the best. Because all the models here, in indian rapunzels are poses a beautiful long black hair. I want to see these models' hair more closely, how is it possible?

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